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GP- 6000 Test Panel


This unit allows you to test more panel mount Nav's, Com's, Transponders, and GPS' on this one test panel then you ever thought possible.


With MOBILTECH attaching harnesses' the versatility and modernization makes it simple and affordable to take care of your G.A. customers needs.


This unit will work with most shops existing harnesses making it a must for the shop expanding its capabilities or just adding another bench position.


  • Includes Volt & Amp meters

  • Built in speaker

  • Mic, Phone & Handheld Mic jacks

  • Mode C code switches

  • Cinch 8-pin connector jack

  • DC banana plug switched output

  • 1 year warranty




Collins: TDR 950, Garmin: GNC250XL, GNS430/530, GTX327, Narco: AT50/150, MK12D, PS Engineering: PMA7000/6000, Terra: TRT 250D, GARMIN AT: SL30/40, SL40, SL70, ARC: RT359A, RT385A, King: KT76/78, KT76A/78A, KX155, KX155A/165A, KX170G. KI209, KMA24.

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