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Mobiltech Test Gear

Our MOBILTECH series of avionics test equipment originated out of a need for them in our own business. As we developed and used them, other shops became interested and asked for them.  Our objective was to help our staff be more productive and do their work more accurately and conveniently. In each case, our design goals were to make them lightweight, portable, fully capable and affordable. 


Our "Shop in a Box" concept provides lightweight, portable, full-function equipment for diagnosing and repairing the most common avionics squawks, at the aircraft and on the bench.


All MOBILTECH products come with a 1-year warranty.


MOBILTECH products are available directly from us and nationally through Dallas Avionics, Inc.



For prices, product literature, demonstrations and special promotions, contact your local Dallas Avionics representative at 1-800-527-2581 or

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