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SLA-2000 Mobiltech Headset Tester


A quick and easy way to test headsets anywhere, independent of an aircraft intercom system. 


  • Compact and rugged 

  • Self-contained 

  • 9V Battery powered 

  • Tests general aviation and helicopter headsets and hand-held microphones 

  • Test both microphone and headphone operation 

  • Tests both mono and stereo headsets 

  • 5"W x 3"D x 2"H 

  • 1 year warranty
SLA - 55A Compass System Tester
  • Adapter harnesses carried internally

  • Extract and inject signals easily and efficiently 

  • Testing elements include: 

  • Slaved gyro/magnetic HDG 

  • Selected HDG 

  • HDG valid 

  • Selected VOR/GPS/RNAV/Loran or LOC course 

  • VOR/GPS/RNAV/Loran or LOC deviation 

  • TO/FROM, GPS, RNAV or VOR input 

  • NAV flag 

  • GS deviation and flag 

  • Selected A/P HDG/CRS outputs 

  • KG 102A power supply 

  • Lighting KI 525A and KI 51B 

  • KI 525A resolver 

  • Bootstrap amp outputs 

  • Stepper motor drive 

  • A handy 16" W x 13" D x 7" H 

  • Includes all harnesses
SLA 3308 Tester

Installing the Sandel 3308 is a complicated task.


Our test-box can help streamline your job. This new test box is unique - there is no other.


It is a huge time and hassle saver. With it you can fully complete the system setup and test the configuration on the bench before installing in the aircraft. 


We worked with Sandel engineers to include test points for all current and proposed signals. 

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