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SLA-1000 Total Intercom Test Set


A versatile, full-featured intercom tester and demonstration unit.

Features include:

  • Tests and demos mono and stereo systems

  • Tests and demos music/entertainment inputs

  • Handles up to six-place intercoms

  • Test pilot and copilot PTT functions

  • Harnesses available for all common GA intercoms

  • Custom harnesses available

  • Optional DC power supply

  • Lightweight, durable powder-coated aluminum case

  • When interfaced with MOBILTECH SLA 6000, all features of the PMA 6000 audio panel and built-in intercom can be tested and demonstrated

  • 1 year warranty
IA-1000 Install Buddy


Designed to aid in the installation of general aviation panel-mount packages with convenient cut outs for most indicators and annunciator packages, mic and phone jacks on both pilot and copilot panels,


This jig is adaptable to most common installation setups. Mounts are provided to hold solder-roll and lacing-cord within convenient reach.


The center-stack is sized for standard general aviation packages and adaptable to most variations of arrangement.


This unit can also be used for demonstrating your newly 'installed' package to your customers or vendors.


Made of power-coated steel, this durable unit is perfect for any shop wanting to more efficiently and easily perform installations and demonstrations

Wire Caddy

Our 'Wire Caddy' helps you manage your install in the aircraft, or on the bench, easily. 


Just add your favorite installation wire, tubing, heat shrink, lacing tape, expando-sleeving, and so on.


The Caddy is made of welded steel and is powder coated for years of durability, with removable feet and handle, and a non-tipping design so that you can stack them when necessary

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