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CT 100 CDI Tester


CT 100 CDI Tester, a low cost course deviation indicator (CDI) tester. 


Runs on a internal 9 volt battery.


Test all flag and meter functions of standard GA CDI's like GI106 and KI206

General Purpose Avionics Tester
TEST COM's, NAV's AND XPDR's with this portable avionics panel.
The 8-pin cinch style connector and switched Mode C outputs makes it easy to test panel mount radios.
Includes volt & amp meters, speaker, mic and phone inputs.
Works with existing harnesses (includes internal 14V-28V power supply)



The SLA 6000 Audio Panel tester allow full test of the PMA 6000 and KMA 24 series audio panels.


Speaker and phone outputs to test amp

LA-5 compatible

Monitor radio, A/C, marker inputs, and switched & un-muted outputs

Test transmit-select and remote transfer

Inject and extract signals with color-coded test points

Monitor external marker-beacon lamp outputs

Includes breakput harness for full I/C testing with the SLA-1000

Only $8,000.00

1-year warranty.


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